Concept-Abnormal luxury uniform
Pattern-Pattern inspired by travels and art
Style-Creating designs based on uniforms with functionality
Production-9M goods are produced by hand printing textiles in Kyoto

9M Stockists

America Urban Outfitters
Japan United Arrows
Hollywood Ranch Market
Cogitoergosum Tokyo


Riki Yoshida

Born in Osaka in 1985.
I graduated from Osaka Mode Technical college.
As a student, I gained an interest in textiles and soon, I started to move then.
From that moment, I knew I wanted to be involved in the textiles industry.
Now, as a designer at Hisayama senko, I produce and sell products that complete with luxury brands.

2007 graduated from Osaka mode technical college
2008 started working at Hisayama senko
2017 created the Proof canvas brand
2019 created the 9M brand